Fall session with my own boys | Acton Children Photography

Back in the Fall I took my own boys to get some beautiful foliage portraits done. We enjoyed last few days of warm weather and a nice family walk at Minuteman Park in Concord.  Well, walk for me and my husband, and wild run for my 3 and 5 year old boys.  I got quite a few photos taken that day – so over share ahead 🙂

Acton Family Photographer_0006Acton Family Photographer_0007Acton Family Photographer_0003Acton Family Photographer_0002Acton Family Photographer_0001Acton Family Photographer_0008Acton Family Photographer_0011Acton Family Photographer_0012Acton Family Photographer_0009Acton Family Photographer_0010

Acton Family Photographer_0005

And then,  you get these silly faces about 80% of the time.  And these are usually the ones that get printed at our house. Because we love silly!

Acton Family Photographer_0013Acton Family Photographer_0014

March 12, 2015 - 1:56 pm

Heather - Oh my gosh, these are just precious! I love how you capture personality in addition to the gorgeous faces. 😉