Week 5 | Project 52

This week was a little challenging and we are only on week Five . 47 more to go … But I mus say I am enjoying this project a lot so far. Project 365 started to feel like I was just trying to get the shot for the sake of getting the shot, no wonder I stopped few times. Here, on the other hand,  I love shooting for the theme, think out the shot and try to be more purposeful and creative  in the process, and hopefully learn. Trying to keep it personal and about my own children is hard at times, as usually they are not the most willing participants.  I may or may not start another 365 at some point just for the sake of document our every day, but for now I will continue to embrace this project .

Lyrics to shoot for this week  were ” I live for the applause” from Lady Gaga’s song Applause.  My 4 year old is at the age where he likes to “perform” in front of us every day to show new songs he learned, new moves he mastered or new tricks he discovered. He loves to be the center of the attention. I was hoping to get him to dance  out Tom Cruise scene from Risky Business but instead he wanted to kneel on one knee with his guitar  “because, mama, that’s what rock stars do ! “.

005 final - Copy